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are rum based mixed drinks like mai tai and zombie but not actually all rum based drink, there are example made with other spirits like singapore sling.



  1. Annies Itch
  2. Bahama Mama
  3. Beach Comber
  4. Big Bamboo
  5. Blue Hawaii
  6. Caribbean Cooler
  7. Dark and Stormy
  8. Devils Triangle
  9. Fog Cutter
  10. Hot Buttered Rum
  11. Hurricane
  12. Jamaican Sunshine
  13. Mai Tai
  14. Mojito
  15. Painkiller
  16. Pina Colada
  17. Pirates Gold
  18. Planter's Punch
  19. Rum Punch
  20. Rum Runner
  21. Rum Swizzle
  22. Scorpion
  23. Singapore Sling
  24. Tropical Cocktail
  25. Yellow Bird
  26. Waikiki
  27. Zombie

Tiki Cocktails

Tiki Cocktails

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Tiki Cocktails
Tiki Cocktails

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