Green Cocktails

17/08/2016 23:57

anchors away cocktail in a poco glass garnish with orange slice and red cherry on the glass rim

Green Cocktail


Green Cocktail


After Eight


Amaretto Stinger


Anchors Away


Banana Boat


Bazooka Joe


Blue Bird of Happiness


Blue Caribbean


Blue Hawaii


Blue Moon Margarita


Blue Seas


Come by Chance


Controlled Havoc


Cool Cougar


Cowboy Creeper


Culture Shock


Eskimo pie


Fallen Angel


Foolish Minor


Frozen Mint Daiquiri




Green Hornet


Green Mango Freezee


Green Opal




Ice Berg Martini


Kitty Litter


Kiwi Cooler


Kiwi Royal


Knock Out




Leap Lunch


Melon Ball


Melon Daiquiri


Melon Martini


Melon Nut


Melon Sakerita


Mexican Snow




Pacific Rim


Palm Tree


Peppermint Martini


Peppermint Patty


Peppermint Stick






Sex Machine


Silk Panties


Silver Bullet


Snake Bite


Sweet Sixteen


Time Warp

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