Best Hospitality at Home Cocktails & Mocktails - Easy to prepare mixed drinks

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Best Hospitality at Home Cocktails & Mocktails - "Easy to prepare


As good and ideal friend you always think for the best to entertain your friends, neighbors or even your colleagues when visited you personally in your house and your next step is to buy some beverage like sodas, wines or sometimes expensive champagne to show up best hospitality at your home. Do you believe any beverage prepared and all is readymade you still receive a normal appreciation of your visitors and the memories are weak or even forgettable event.


Making your own cocktails and mocktails at home is a moment of true memorable and unforgettable experience of your friends, especially when you do it in front of them.  Preparing special drink for them is a touching memories and for sure you can receive the highest scores of best hospitality at home 100%. Every person has photographic memories but most unforgettable is the different.


I selected some popular cocktails and mocktails ingredients that are very easy to prepare and can become your guides to impress your friends and gain more favorable appreciation.



26 Cocktails


Bay Breeze


Black Russian


Buck's Fizz


Bull Shit


Cape Codder


 Cuba Libre


Dry Martini


Fuzzy Navel




God Father


God Mother






Pink Gin


Red Eye


Rusty Nail


Sea Breeze


Seven and Seven












Tequila Sunrise




Whiskey Press




10 Mocktails


Crown's Nest


Fruit Punch Original


Gentle Sea Breeze




Pineapple Delight


Runner's Mark


Shirley Temple


Unfuzzy Navel


Virgin Pina Colada


Yellow Jacket



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