Bar Equipment and Bar Tools Guides

01/05/2016 13:31

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Step No. 4

Bartender Training Course

mix bar tools on top of black bar mat such as bar knife, cocktail streaner, 2 pcs boston shaker, stainless jigger, speed pourer, mix glasses

Bar Equipment Guide


Bar Tools


white round bar ashtray with cover and hole on the top                 




stainless steel bar knife laying down on black bar mat                              

Bar Knife



stainless steel bar peeler laying down on black bar mat

Bar Peeler - Twist



2 pcs of stainless steel bar spoon laying down on black bar mat                                                 

Bar Spoon



2 pcs of bar tongs laying down on black bar mat

Bar Tongs



4 pc of round bar trays on the bar counter

Bar Tray - Round



one blender machine with glass pitcher on the bar counter       

Blender Machine or Electric Shaker



2 pc boston shaker on the bar counter with background of stainless wine bucket with wines

Boston Shaker - 2 pcs



stainless steel can opener with rotation holder

Can Opener 



1 ltr size of carafe glass on the bar counter with various spirits background                     




2 pcs black color champagne stopper laying down on black bar mat                               

Champagne Stopper 



stainless steel cocktail strainer laying down on black bar mat                                 

Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer



ProStrainer Double Strainer laying down on black bar mat

ProStrainer Double Strainer




Cutting Board




Garnished Container 




Glass Pitcher




Ice Shovel 




Ice Tong 







Juice Hand Squeezer




Measuring Spoon 




Mixing Glass








Speed Pourer 




Standard Shaker (3 pcs shaker)



Tip Jacket




Wine Bucket                                 



Wine Opener



Coffee Creamer Pot



Mint Julep Cup



Punch Bowl



Sugar Container



Tea Pot







Beer Mug 



Brandy Inhaler Glass




Brandy Snifter Glass 




Champagne Flute




Champagne Saucer 




Collins Glass 



Grappa Special Glass




Highball Glass



Hurricane Glass



Irish Coffee Glass




Margarita Glass/ Coupettee




Martini Glass




Old Fashioned Glass








Poco Grande Glass




Shooter Glass




Sour Glass



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