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Mock tail, Non-Alcoholic Drink, Mixed Drink Recipes

are non-alcoholic drinks can be described as a fruit smoothie, fruit freeze, mixed fruit juices, creamy, spices, or mixed of two or more juices they called mocktails.  They are perfect party drink for pregnant women, drivers and for all not drinking alcoholic beverage.




Mocktail Recipes

  1. arctic orange
  2. batman cocktail
  3. celebrity dream
  4. cranberry cooler
  5. crow's nest
  6. flamingo
  7. fruit smoothie
  8. fruit punch original
  9. fuzzy lemon fizz
  10. gentle sea breeze
  11. green mango freezee
  12. ice tea special
  13. icy lemon
  14. kiwi royal
  15. pacman
  16. pineapple delight
  17. pussyfoot
  18. ripe mango freezee
  19. roy rogers
  20. runners mark
  21. shirley temple
  22. strawberry whip
  23. strawberry in wonderland
  24. sunshine splash
  25. unfuzzy navel
  26. virgin kiss
  27. virgin mary
  28. virgin pina colada




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