negroni cocktail with red color drink in a old fashioned glass

Before Dinner Drink

Means is an alcoholic beverage usually served before meal to stimulate the appetite. They are typically dry drinks, spirits, wines, champagne and cocktails. Examples: vermouth, Campari, sherry, gin and all dry cocktails, here some cocktails are recommended:


  1. Adonis

  2. Americano

  3. Aperol spritz

  4. Bacardi martini

  5. Bellini

  6. Black martini

  7. Boulevardier

  8. Bronx cocktail

  9. Caipirinha martini

  10. Cajun martini

  11. Campari soda

  12. Classic gin martini

  13.   Daiquiri

  14. Dirty martini

  15. Dunonnet cocktail

  16.   Fino martini

  17. French 75"

  18.   Gibson

  19.   Gin & it

  20. Gimlet

  21. Greyhound

  22. Horse's neck

  23.   Kir

  24. Kir Royal

  25.     Manhattan dry

  26. Manhattan perfect

  27. Manhattan sweet

  28. Margarita

  29. Mimosa

  30. Negroni

  31. Negroski

  32. Paisley martini

  33. Old fashioned

  34. Paradise cocktail

  35. Pink gin

  36. Rob roy

  37. Rose cocktail 2

  38. Sangria

  39. Scofflaw

  40. Spritzer

  41. Tuxedo

  42. Valencia martini

  43. Vesper martini

  44. Whiskey sour


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