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22/03/2017 02:11

How to become a bartender, without bartending experience?


How to become a Bartender - 6 Steps

  1. Bar Service - service philosophy, taking orders, drinks, serving
  2. Beverage Guide - spirits/distilled wines, beers
  3. Bar Set Up - speed rack, bar rail, bar fridges and beer coolers
  4. Bar Equipment - bar tools, cocktail glasses
  5. Popular Cocktails - Cocktails, Every Bartender Should Know
  6. Sanitation Guide - Personal hygiene, cleanliness




Bartending can be an exciting or terrific job for some people, but not for everyone. To becoming a bartender you must meet the requirements; At least 18 years old some bars require 21 years old or above to work in bar.



Step No.1

To become a bartender you need to take complete bartending course. Bartending classes will teach you all basic bartending knowledge; how to prepare different kinds of cocktails, shooters, coffee, garnishes, pouring liquor, glasswares, what is spirits and distilled wines, bar set up, sanitation, speed rack bottle arrangement, bar inventory and many more.



Bar Service Procedures

Service Philosophy
  • The bar and beverage outlets shall be known for its prompt courteous and professional service to any guest at all times. Use the best and correct liquors, the freshest garnishing's, and the glassware shall always be clean and appropriate. Do your best to be caring and responsive to ensure that guests experience total personalized beverage service.


Taking Orders
  • bartender and server- When you take the guests order, you are actually initiating the beverage service. How you present yourself and the way the order is taken can make the difference in sales and their impression on your bar. The procedures listed on these apps may be used as a guide whenever you take a guests order to ensure prompt and professional service.



Drinks Preparation
  • Bartender- Once the orders have been received, the drinks are then prepared at the bar, serving clean. Visually appealing and appetizing drinks.


  • 1) Use appropriate glassware somehow; a guest may feel it is the wrong drink if the drink is served in a different glass.

  • 2) Check the cleanliness of the glassware. Residual detergent and grease leaves beer and other drinks tasting flat.

  • 3) Wipe with a clean napkin any spillage on the side of the glass.


  • 1) Always use the correct liquor and mixes when preparing drinks

  • 2) If you need to substitute a brand of liquor, ask the guest first.

  • 3) Avoid unnecessary spillages by pouring carefully in the mouth of glass.

  • 4) Replace cap of liquor bottle immediately after use.


  • 1) Always use the best, freshest and correct garnishing's when preparing dinks.

  • 2) Discard those that are damaged deformed, or those with spots or holes.

  • 3) After preparing them, place in a garnish container on top of crushed ice to maintain their firmness.

  • 4) Use appropriate garnishing's and is consistent with them. If a drinks appearance changes, have changed the ingredients


Serving the drinks
  • Bartender and server- Serving the drink to the guest may be classified into two. Serving a drink prepared at the bar and pouring drinks in front of the guests. The following show basic method and skills in caring out these tasks.

Serving Bar-Prepared Drinks
  • 1) When caring drinks or glasses to and from table, always use a bar tray.

  • 2) Serve all drinks from the right or in front of the table, which is more convenient for the guest and the server.


  • 3) Never serve across the table.

  • 4) The bar tray should rest on one hand while drinks are served with the other, it should never rest on the table.

  • 5) Whenever possible, serve in a clockwise direction around the table, walking forward.

  • 6) Serve ladies first.

  • 7) Always serve with a coaster or napkin, except when serving wine by the bottle. The bar logo should always face the guest.

  • 8) Place the drinks on top of the coaster with the garnish to the left of the guest.

  • 9) Handle glasses by the base or stem, not the rim.

  • 10) Always serve carbonated beverages with drinking straws


Pouring Drinks in Front of the Guest
  • 1) Pour drinks like beer and wine in front of the guest

  • 2) When pouring drinks from the bottle, turn the bottle slightly towards the right to avoid spills on the table cloth or the guest.

  • 3) When pouring liquor, never allow the lip of the bottle to touch the glass.

  • 4) When the service calls for ingredients to be mixed in front of the guest, pour the measured liquor in the proper glass, then add the proper amount of mixers requested by the guest.

  • 5) When" on the rocks" drinks are prepared in front of the guest pour the liquor over the ice in the glass.



Step No. 2

Search for a job opening as a bar helper/bar server or assistant bartender
  • Search for a job opening as a bar helper/bar server or assistant bartender and regarding for job interview doesn't worry, you have already the basic foundation of bartending, and once you hired, this will give you opportunity or hands-on training in bartender duties, Such as bar set up, restocking sodas, beers, liquor, liqueur and other refilling job in the bar. Cleaning the bar, organizing the speed rack, bar rail, bar fridges, beer cooler and preparing garnishes. Bar helper/backback/bar server is your step or door to a bartending jobs same as bar waiters, bar waitresses. While you are assisting in the bar, as a bar helper/barback/bar server talk to your bartender and ask more about jobs and if there is opportunity tries to help him to assist in the bar, take note all activities inside the bar you can use it, once you are alone. When you know already the bartending job then you are ready to look for a bartending job.


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How to become a bartender

How to become a bartender

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How to become a bartender
How to become a bartender

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