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All cocktails are containing light cream, heavy cream and half and half



  1. ABC
  2. Alexander
  3. Baileys Comet
  4. Brandy Milk Punch
  5. Brandy Alexander
  6. Brown Cow
  7. Brown Velvet
  8. Bushwacker
  9. Calypso Banana
  10. Chocolate Banana
  11. Egg Nog
  12. God Child
  13. Golden Cadillac
  14. Golden Dream
  15. Grasshopper
  16. Italian Sombrero
  17. King Alphonse
  18. Mudslide - Frozen
  19. Nut Case
  20. Panama Cocktail
  21. Pink Lady
  22. Ramos Fizz
  23. Russian Qualude
  24. Sex on the Beach Jamaican Version
  25. Scooter

Creamy Cocktail

Creamy Cocktail

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Creamy Cocktail
Creamy Cocktail

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