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Cocktails Party Drinks Set Menu


Cocktail Party Drinks - 100 Persons

Person: 100 Paxes


Cocktail Party

Is an informal and semiformal social gathering generally featuring mixed drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a variety of finger foods, cheeses and light snacks. The drinks menu is, its defends against the budget of the company or group. Pleased see below suggestion drinks menus:



Party Request

Type of Party :     Cocktail Party

Total Pax.             100 paxes

Venue:                  666 cocktails bar

Dress Code:         Informal

Budget:                5 dollar's per guest

In charge:            1 bartender and 3 bar server

Time: 7:00 pm to  8:45 pm



1) To prepare the cost of the party you need the budget allocated to every guest then, you can start to order all beverages needs not exceeding from the budget. Here some point to understand how to prepare the menu.

2) You can use this menu planning samples of a guide to your future cocktail party, is a perfectly accurate in costing, quantity and prices, you can change all drinks and number of persons, but system is still the same as writing, to make sure that you cannot over spending in your party.

3) If you have cocktail party for less than or morethan 100 paxes, you can use this as a guide just devide and multiply by 100 paxes and you can get the accurate cost and beverage stocks that you need to purchase.


For cocktail party full bar you need sufficient amount of the various liquors and mixers, nothing to worry just use the regular bar stocking systems of 1 inside the bar and 2 reserved in the bar back cabinet. except for wines, beers and champagne, if you have a champagne toast you need more champagne. one bottle of champagne is 6 regular champagne flute glass, but in champagne toast you can set 12 glasses for every bottle of champagne. Here the full bar beverage stock to be purchase as follows:



1) Budgets drinks for every guest - 5 dollars

2) 10 % Budget Pluses and Minus Reserve - 0.50 dollars (This system of 10% can only implement from cruise ship, hotels, bar and restaurant, but for private gathering is not recommended, its defends against the party host, if she or he wants to spend more than a budget. At home or in the office, more drink's left over a waste of money. The host needs to plan carefully the drinks party.


To perfectly create a drink menu plan, here the points:


1) For every person approximately minimum blood alcohol level 0.04  and maximum of 0.08, which means, consumes of minimum 2 drinks and maximum of 3 drinks of alcoholic beverages. Minimum of 1 hour of  maximum of more or less 2 hours

2) 3 drinks times 100 people are equal to 300 drinks

3) 300 drinks will allocate to approximately 50% cocktails and 25% wines and 25% sodas and juices.

4) Total Expected Guest is 100 Paxes

5) 5 dollars budgets per pax  times 100 paxes is equal to 500 dollars, the budget is 500 dollars

6) 500 dollars party budgets divided into 300 drinks are equal to 1.66666667 for every drink.

7) 50% of 300 drinks are equal to 150 drinks times 1.66666667 dollars are equal to 250 dollars --- for Cocktails drinks 250 dollars

8) 25% of 300 drinks are equal to  75 drinks times 1.66666667 dollars are equal to 125 dollars.--- For Wines and champagne 125 dollars

9) 25% of 300 drinks are equal to 75 drink times 1.66666667 dollars are equal to 125 dollars --- for sodas, juices, beers 125 dollar's

10) Assuming you is placing the beverage order for the amount of 500 dollars with the allocation of the following:


              Drinks                                   USD

1)            Wines and Champagne                125

2)            Cocktails                                       250

3)            Sodas, Juices and Beers              125


Total Cocktail Budget Allocated       500


Cocktail Party Drinks Menu


1) Wines and Champagne Budget is 125 dollars

a) Total wines and champagne budget is 125 dollars divided by 2 is equal to 62.50 dollars

b) 50% of budgets are for champagne and 50 % for white wines, rose and red wine

c) Champagne budget is 62.50 dollars

d) White wine, rose and red wine budget is 62.50 Dollars

e) Wines ---  62.50 divide 5 items are equal to 12.50 dollars budgets for every wine brand

f) Champagne and Sparkling wine---62.50 divided by 2 items is equal to 31.25 dollars for every champagne or sparkling wine brand.


2) Cocktails Budget is 250 dollars

Total cocktails budgets of 250 divided by 11 items are equal to 22.7272727 dollars budgets per cocktail.


3) Sodas, Juices and beer budget is 125

Total sodas, juices and beers budget is 125 divided by 11 items is equal to 11.3636364 budgets per item brand.



Assuming the price of every wine is 2.50 dollars and sparkling wine 10 dollars and champagne is 31.25


1) Champagne and Wine Purchase Requisition Summary

              Item                         Price                   Qty             Price

a)            White Wine                  2.50 /bottle               10                  25.00


b)            Red Wine                     2.50 /bottle               10                  25.00

c)            Rose Wine                   2.50 /bottle                 5                  12.50

d)            Sparkling Wine           10.42 /bottle                3                  31.25

e)            Champagne                31.25 /bottle                1                  31.25

                                          Total Purchase Requisition   125.00 



Assuming that the price of every cocktail is 1.03 dollar


2) Cocktails Purchase Requisition Summary

              Item                          Price                     Qty          Price

a)            Whiskey Sour                1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

b)            Manhattan                     1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

c)            Dry Martini                     1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73 Korean Beauty

d)            Gibson                           1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

e)            Tom Collins                   1.03 /cocktail             22             22.73

f)            Old Fashioned               1.03 /cocktail             22              22.73

g)            Kamikaze                      1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

h)            Gin & Tonic                   1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

i)             Vodka Tonic                  1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

j)            Screwdriver                    1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

k)           Rum Coke                      1.03 /cocktail            22              22.73

                                         Total Purchase Requisition   250.00 



Assuming that all Juices and beers prices are 1.13 dollars per item


3) Sodas, Juices and Beers Purchase Requisition Summary

              Item                         Price                   Qty            Price

a)            Beers                            1.13 /can                 10               11.36


b)            Fruit Punch                   1.13 /pack               10               11.36

c)            Orange Juice                1.13 /pack               10               11.36

d)            P/apple Juice                1.13 /pack               10               11.36

e)            Cranberry J                   1.13 /pack               10               11.36

f)            Coca Cola                     1.13 /pack               10               11.36

g)            Fanta                             1.13 /pack              10               11.36

h)            Sprite                             1.13 /pack              10               11.36

i)            Soda Water                   1.13 /pack              10               11.36

j)            Tonic Water                   1.13 /pack              10               11.36

k)           Mineral Water                1.13 /pack              10               11.36

                                       Total Purchase Requisition   125.00 



This is only a guide, cocktails, sodas, juices and beers can change. The important is you know already what is the system on how is to prepare and when to start planning for cocktail party. Hoping that can help you in the future.


Cocktail Party beverage approximate purchase order guide


              Item                          Unit              Qty           

1)            White wine                      Btl                    5

2)            Rose Wine                      Btl                    5

3)            Red Wine                        Btl                    5

4)            Sparkling Wine                Btl                    3

5)            Champagne                     Btl                    1

6)            Whiskey Sour                 Gls                  22 

7)            Manhattan                      Gls                  22

8)            Dry Martini                      Gls                  22

9)            Gibson                            Gls                  22

10)         Tom Collins                      Gls                  22

11)         Old Fashioned                 Gls                  22

12)         Kamikaze                         Gls                  22

13)         Gin & Tonic                      Gls                  22

14)         Vodka Tonic                     Gls                  22

15)         Screwdriver                      Gls                  22

16)         Rum/ Coke                       Gls                  22

17)         Beers                                Gls                  10

18)         Fruit Punch                       Gls                  10

19)         Orange Juice                    Gls                  10

20)         P/apple Juice                    Gls                  10

21)         Cranberry J                       Gls                  10

22)         Coca Cola                         Gls                  10

23)         Fanta                                 Gls                  10

24)         Sprite                                 Gls                  10

25)         Soda Water                       Gls                  10

26)         Tonic Water                      Gls                   10

27)         Mineral Water                   Gls                   10





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Cocktails Party Drinks Set Menu, mixed drink, alcoholic

Cocktails Party Drinks Set Menu, mixed drink, alcoholic

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Cocktails Party Drinks Set Menu, mixed drink, alcoholic
Cocktails Party Drinks Set Menu, mixed drink, alcoholic

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