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Cocktails and Mixed Drinks Tips



After Dinner Drinks or Digestive

Means is an alcoholic beverage usually served after meal to help digestion especially when had a big dinner and feeling very full. They are typically sweet drinks or heavier alcohol content such as: Cognac, Brandy, fruit brandies, schnapps, grappa, port, madeira, cream sherry, Drambuie, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Chartreuse, Irish Mist, Lemon cello, Tequila, Ouzo, Whiskey and all Liqueurs base cocktails. Some cocktails are recommended.




Before Dinner Drinks or aperitif

Means is an alcoholic beverage usually served before meal to stimulate the appetite. They are typically dry drinks, spirits, wines, champagne and cocktails. Examples: vermouth, Campari, sherry, gin and all dry cocktails, here some cocktails are recommended:



Blended Drink

Drinks are prepared in the blenders when heavy thick texture is desired. No strainer is used with the blender because the ingredients are actually blended together with the ice to form a slushy type of cocktail.



Champagne Cocktail

Is a classic with elegance and class, originated from the winner of a New York cocktail competition in 1899. Its first public appearance in Jerry Thomas's how to mix drinks. Jerry Thomas's is a father of American mixology. The Professor.



Classic Cocktail

Is appeared after the publication of Jerry Thomas (The Father of American Mixology) in 1887 Bartender Guide.




Are well iced mixed drinks based with liquors, with special flavoring or coring agents. It should have a distilled alcoholic flavor, but should not over power the drink. A cocktail should stimulate the mind by inducing relaxation and providing over all comports and enjoyment to the drinker while pleasing the palate and the eye.




Cocktails favorite

Are the most cocktails directly ordering by the passengers or customers and I, personally experienced in 6 six continent (Australia, Africa, south America, north America, Asia and Europe) that every five star hotels, luxury cruise ships, bar and restaurant have ready bar menu same as mentioned on the website.




The original daiquiri is made from rum, limes, sugar and ice. It is a simple drink with sweet and sour taste.  The origin of daiquiri is in Cuba.



Frozen Drink and Tropical Drink


Are started at early 50s, the popular drinks presented are strawberry daiquiri and frozen margarita.  Later in 70s, 80s until now there is different kinds of frozen drinks (freeze, smoothly, slushy are blend with crushed ice) frozen drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.



Girl Drink

Is fruity, light in alcohol content with more sweet flavor , sweet and sour, and almost light color cocktails, when it comes to the color, girl favorite is pink and all light girly in color.  Girls who are new commerce on the cocktail world their favorite drinks are gin or vodka tonic or rum coke. To choose girl drink is very easy.  Bases of light drinks for girls and hard drinks for boys.



Highball Drink

A basic mixed drink (single liquor & single mix) can be referred to as a highball drink and is served in a highball glass. This highball glass is slightly larger than the rock glass to be able to accommodate the added mix. 




Is an alcoholic beverage made from distillation, unsweetened, high alcohol content beverages




Is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit flavored with fruit, herbs, spices, flowers and bottled with added sugar. Liqueur Also known as cordial, flavored, usually sweet alcoholic beverages.




are non-alcoholic drinks can be described as a fruit smoothie, fruit freeze, mixed fruit juices, creamy, spices, or mixed of two or more juices they called mocktails.  They are perfect party drink for pregnant women, drivers and for all not drinking alcoholic beverage.




Was invented from Mexico and no one really knows who invented margarita. Many have claimed invented margaritas as early as 1930 to 1948. Base on the history the original ingredients of margarita are tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and no salt.



Rock Drink

A rock drink is straight liquor served with ice cubes. These drinks are served in rock glass, which is normally small since it is designed to serve only without a mix. A mix is a non-alcoholic beverage used to flavor liquors.



Shake or Stirred Drink

These are drinks where in the ingredients are chilled and mixed by being shake or stirred with cube ice. The ingredients are then strained into the appropriate glass.



Straight Shot or Straight Up

A straight shot means an ounce of liquor served as is, No ice added spirits or garnishing's. The glassware will be dependent on the type of liquor served.



 Tall Drink and Long Drink 

Any drink requested “Tall “is served in a tall highball glass. This glass is slightly larger than a standard highball glass to accommodate the added mix. A guest who prefers a lighter dilution will normally order drinks tall.



What is Versatile Cocktail

Versatile Cocktail is a cocktail recipe without original alcoholic base drink name, that can make easily from one cocktail to another of various name of cocktails. You can make 20 or more cocktails in one recipe, just use liqueur, liquor and wine name then you have a new cocktail. CobblerCollinsCoolerCrustaDaisyFancyFixFizzFlipFrappeMistSangareeSlingSmashSourSwizzle





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Cocktails and Mixed Drink Tips

Cocktails and Mixed Drink Tips

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Cocktails and Mixed Drink Tips
Cocktails and Mixed Drink Tips

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