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Mixed Drinks and Cocktails Preparation Guide


Mixed Drinks or Cocktails



Are well iced mixed drinks based with liquors, with special flavoring or coring agents. It should have a distint alcoholic flavor, but should not over power the drink. A cocktail should stimulate the mind by inducing relaxation and providing over all comports and enjoyment to the drinker while pleasing the palate and the eye.



Classification of Drinks

Drinks may be classified into six categories, each having a general concept associated with its preparation. A basic knowledge of these methods is helpful to understand the specific recipes used to prepare the drinks. Below shows you a simplified list of the categorized drinks, their preparation method and a some examples ready.


1) Straight Shots

A straight shot means an ounce of liquor served as is, No ice added spirits or garnishing's. The glassware will be dependent on the type of liquor served.



Liquor----------------shot glass

Cordial---------------cordial glass

Brandy & Wine ----snifter

Liqueur---------------snifter or cordial glass








2) Rock Drinks

A rock drink is a straight liquor served with ice cubes. These drinks are served in rock glass, which is normally small since it is designed to serve only without a mix. A mix is a non-alcoholic beverage used to flavor liquors.



Scotch on the rocks or any kind of liquor &  liqueur


3) Highball Drinks

A basic mixed drink(single liquor & single mix) can be referred to as a highball drink and is served in a highball glass. This highball glass is slightly larger than the rock glass to be able to accommodate the added mix. The standard mixed are:





Tonic water

Ginger ale



Fruits Juices



Vodka tonic

Rum coke



4) Tall Drinks

Any drink requested " Tall "  is served in a tall highball glass. This glass is slightly larger than a standard highball glass to accommodate the added mix. A guest who prefers a lighter dilution will normally order drinks tall.



Tall Scotch and Soda

Tall Bourbon and Water

Tall Gin Tonic.


5) Shake or Stirred Drinks

These are drinks where in the ingredients are chilled and mixed by being shake or stirred with cube ice. The ingredients are then strained into the appropriate glass.



cocktail shaking with cube ice the minimum is 7 to 12 seconds and the maximum is 14 seconds. This is to get the equal balance of the drinks. Exceeding on the limit you may damage the texture of the cocktails,





Rob Roys



6) Blended Drinks

Drinks are prepared in the blenders when  heavy thick texture is desired. No strainer is used with the blender because the ingredients are actually blended together with the ice to form a slushy type of cocktail.



Mango Daiquiri

Frozen Margarita




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Cocktail Drink Recipes Preparation Guide

Cocktail Drink Recipes Preparation Guide

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Cocktail Drink Recipes Preparation Guide
Cocktail Drink Recipes Preparation Guide

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