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Kind of Beverage


Kind of Beverages

To understand the whole characteristic of beverages," here all information as follows



Is any potable liquid which is either alcoholic or alcoholic-free, derived from the Latin word " BIBERE " Its refers to liquids meants for drinking purposes, classified into the following categories:



Two Kinds of Beverages



1) Alcoholic Beverages

2) Non-Alcoholic Beverages


1) Alcoholic Beverages

Is any potable liquid containing 1/2% to 75 of ethyl alcohol by volume. Only ethyl alcohol from spirits distilled from grain, grapes, fruits and cane are used for alcoholic beverages.








2) Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Is any potable liquid without any alcohol content




Soft drinks


Mineral water




Type of Alcoholic Beverages



is the product of fermented juice of grapes. It is an "alive" beverage susceptible to chance, the rate of which is variable due to light temperature, storage, etc.


Classification of Wines

1) Natural still wines

2) Sparkling wines

3) Fortified wines

4) Aromatic wines

5) Distilled wines/Spirits


Producing Countries

Wine grapes grow best in the world's temperature zones, between the following latitude: 30 to 50 North and 30 to 40 South of the Equator. Only very few countries with important vineyards lie outside these belts. Wine producing in order of quality are













West Germany




South Africa












The Grapes

Although practically any of the eight thousand (8,000) known varieties of grapes can be fermented for wine production, only about fifty (50) produce first-rate wine. these grapes belong to the species VITIS VINIFERA, cultivated for thousands of years in Europe and transplanted two centuries ago to California and at a later date, to other countries like Australia. They range in color from yellow to green (white grapes) and from red to blue-black (black grapes).


Red and rose wines 

are made from black grapes: their skins color the fermenting juice. White wine can be made from either black or white grapes, and the thrick is to draw out the juices before they begin to ferment. Both white and black grapes may be sweet or tart, and many change flavor when fermented, which makes the selection of grapes a great art. Some of the best known and most used varieties of are:


Varieties of Grapes

1) Carignan - This hot-climate grapes is used in the south of france, algeria and California to make robust table wine and also dessert wine.

2) Chardonnay (or Pinot Chardonnay) it is the only grape that french law permits to be used to make Chablis. It is grown for Champagne.

3) Cabernet Sauvignon - Celebrated as the vine of the great clarets of Bordeaux, It is the only used in making fine wines in Australia and California

4) Chenin Blanc  - This is the only grape permitted in making the white wines of the Loire Valley, Vauvray, Sancerre, Sanvennieres, Pouilly Fume.

5) Gamay  - Used for making the good red wines of Beaujolais: however, the same grape yields only ordinary wine the rest of France.

 6) Grenache - Widely used in Provence, Lanquedoc and Spain, It is used in the rose' wines of Rhone Valley; such as Tavel.

7) Palomino  -  Developed  around Jerez de la Frotera, Spain. This grape is the basis for the sherry made there and in other parts of the world.

8) Pinot Blanc  - Grown widely in France, Germany and Italy, it produces dry white wine and i used in some Champagne.

9) Pinot Noir  - Is the grape from which red burgundy is made. It is also used in the best of Champagne.

10) Riesling  - One of the most widely used grapes in the world. It produces the great wines of the Rhine and the lesser wines of the balkan countries.

11) Semillon - This grape produces the classic dessert wines of Sauterne when over-ripe. In its normally ripened condition, this grape yields dry white wines, it is grown in the Graves district France.

12) Sauvignon Blanc  -  Cultivated in Bordeaux, this grape is also used in the dry white wines of Graves and the sweet wines of Sauterne.

13) Sylvaner  -  Cultivated from Alsace to Australia. from Chile to California, this abundant and fast-ripening grapes makes fine light white wines.

14) Traminer -Widely used  in the Rhine, Alsace and the Italian Tyrol, It has a pronounced spicy aroma, both as a grapes and as a wine.

15) Zinfandel  -  Most widely planted of all red-wine grapes in California.




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beverage alcoholic drink guide

beverage alcoholic drink guide

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beverage alcoholic drink guide
beverage alcoholic drink guide

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