1) Usually found in upscale restaurants or in luxury cruise ships, sommelier is a specialist in wine service, they are also expected to have extensive knowledge of cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

2) In luxury cruise ships they called " Wine steward " this professional typically manages the wine cellar at the restaurant, and acts as onboard experts on wine and food pairing.

3) Typically on land base, five star hotels, resorts, exclusive restaurants, fine dining restaurants have at least one wine sommelier or wine steward.

4) Wine Sommelier or wine steward is responsible for providing courteous and professional wine and beverage service to the guest and all aspects of wine which wine pairs best with the meal ordered.

5) recommend a wine to guests and provide information about the wine's  the origin and the nature of its flavor if the guests request it,

6) Apply merchandizing and upselling techniques for maximum revenues, and must be able to attain reasonable sales target.

7) helps guests learn how to taste wine to enhance their dining experience.  Serves the wine to guest.

8) The procedures of serving wines are can include showing the cork to the guests,

9) Note: showing the cork to the guest is an art of professional wine sommelier but guest don't know why you showing the cork, here the tips, by showing the cork means you can discovered, if the wine as follows:

1) Flowery  

2) Sweaty 

3) Woody.

10) Pouring a sample and waiting while it is tasted, When the guests are ready, pour the entire glass of wine. Return to the table to ask how diners enjoyed the wine and listen to tales of their experience.



(For more information please check the procedures on Serving Wine)


Serving Wine


Storing Temperature

50 degrees Fahrenheit. to 55 degrees Fahrenheit - as normal storing temperature

70 degrees Fahrenheit - Wine to be stored up to 5 years

65 degrees Fahrenheit - Wine to be stored up to 15 years

60 degrees Fahrenheit - Wine to be stored exceeding 15 years


Serving Temperature

40 degrees Fahrenheit.  to  50 degrees Fahrenheit - White wines and Champagne

63 degrees Fahrenheit.  to 66 degrees Fahrenheit  - Red wines and fortified wines


Prensenting the White Wine

1) When a guest asked for white wine, the waiter or sommelier should obtain the bottle from the service bar set it into an ice bucket, cover it with a clean folded napkin and bring service into the dining room, but wine bucket to the right of the person who ordered the wine.

2) The  waiter  or sommelier then takes the bottle out of the bucket and present it to the guest with the label uppermost. And the host has an opportunity to verify the correctness of his order.

3) This bottle presentation is an important part of wine service and should not be overlooked. If the sommelier misunderstood the guest and brought in the wrong wine to which the guest will later object. Furthermore this bottle--presentation ceremony shows courtesy to the guest, regardless of his knowledge about wines, and adds to the atmosphere of the dining room.


Presenting the Red Wine 

Wine Glasses

Set the correct glasses on the table before opening the wine. For white wine, several types of stem glasses can be used and for the red wine must be right and exactly glasses. For elaborate service the glasses in which white wine is to be served should have been previously chilled.


Opening the Wine

1) The opening of the wine bottle begins with removal of the foil around and cork and neck of the bottle.

2) The foil should be cut with a knife well below the lip of the bottle and not ripped off with a fingernail. Older wines are often a bit moldy below the foil at the top of cork.

3) Wipe the bottle top and cork with a clean napkin. Set the corkscrew into the cork and turn it carefully straight into the cork, using only moderate pressure.


Since a cork break easily,

 It is important that the corkscrew turns in straight, rather at an angle, to avoid broken cork bits failing into the bottle.


Pouring the Wine

1) Before pouring any wine, wipe the open top of the bottle with a clean napkin to remove any cork grains or other impurities.

2) The sommelier should pour about an ounce into the glass of the host (or whoever ordered the wine) so that he/she can approve the wine.

3) Hold a towel in the left hand when serving the wine and use it to wipe the bottle. Do not wrap the bottle in a towel since the passengers usually wishes to see the label of the wine they are drinking.


When the host has approved the wine, pour wine as follows:

1) For a couple, the lady

2) For the group, the person sitting to the host's right. Proceed around the table counter clockwise, filling the host's glass last.

3) Wine glasses should not be filled more than two thirds full. This gives the drinker an opportunity to savour the wine's aroma within the enclosure of the glass before sipping it.


Wine Tasting


Wine Tasting

1) Pour about one ounce of wine into a glass.Raise the glass to light: twirl it, examine it for color, clarity, and weight.  Record your judgments of color, clarity, and weight.

2) Twirl  the  wine in the glass and sniff for scent.  Record your judgments of scent.

3) Sip the wine.  Slowly roll it around with the tongue to expose it to all the taste buds. Record your judgments of taste.

4) Swallow   the wine and enjoy the aftertaste. Record your judgments of touch and aftertaste.


a) Color

1) Reddish Brown

2) Dark Red

3) Red

4) Light Red

5) Dark Pink

6) Pink

7) Light Pink

8) Pale White

9) White

10) Golden White

11) Yellow


b) Clarity

1) Clear and Glowing

2) Cloudy or Dull


c) Weight

1) Full Bodied

2) Medium Bodied

3) Light Bodied


d) Scent



Delicate Subtle


e) Taste

Definite Flavor

Mild Flavor

Obscure Flavor

Very Sweet





Very Dry

Very Tart


Slightly Tart



f) Touch









g) Aftertaste

Present Strong

Present Weak

Barely Present




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