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Cocktail Mixing, Bar Service Guide, Beverage Guide, Bar Set Up, Bar Equipments, Popular Cocktails, Mocktail Recipe, Cocktail Recipe, Mixed Drink Recipe, and Sanitation Guide



Free Online Bartender Training Course


How to become a Bartender - 6 Steps

  1. Bar Service Procedures - Service, Taking Orders, Drinks, Serving
  2. Beverage Guide - Spirits/Distilled Wines, Beers
  3. Bar Set Up - Speed Rack, Bar Rail, Bar Fridges, Beer Coolers
  4. Bar Equipment - Bar Tools, Cocktail Glasses
  5. Popular Cocktails - Cocktails, Every Bartender Should Know
  6. Sanitation Guide - Personal Hygiene, Cleanliness


Bartender Training Course

Bartender Training Course

01/11/2017 15:51
Bartender Training Manual   Steps by Steps to Become a Bartender Bartender Job Description Bar Opening and Closing Procedures Cocktails and Bar Service Bar and Beverage Service Procedures  Dealing with Guests Complaints  Wine Service...

730 Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drinks Recipes in the World

730 Best Cocktails and Most Popular Mixed Drinks Recipes in the World

25/05/2017 15:17
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Bartender Duties and Responsilities


Basic Function

Responsible for dispensing, mixing and preparing drinks promptly and accurately in accordance to the set standard and to provide courteous and efficient service of beverages to all guest/customers in any bar outlet that may be assigned.


Duties and Responsibilities

1) To prepare working area and all mise-en-place such as ice, glasses, and other equipment needed for smooth and efficient operations in advance before every operation time.

2) Displays appropriate bottles and glasses done in an artistic and accessible way in display counters to be a merchandizing tool in selling.

3) Must have a complete knowledge of all the beverages especially those listed in the drink/ wine list of its contents and preparations.

4) Must be familiar with the company's service standards and the proper equipment's to be used including garnitures of drinks all the time.

5) Must have complete knowledge on how to operate the cash registered.

6) Must be familiar on how to use the glass washing machine, the right temperature and the proper chemical to use.

7) Greets, receives guest/customers in the bar counters and in the outlet if so required.

8) Takes order, makes recommendation or suggestion and answer questions regarding food and beverages and the activities of the ship/hotel

9) Must make sure that what is ordered is what is served.

10) Serves guest/customers with proper sequence and timing anticipate guest needs and satisfy them all the time.

11) Set and re-set tables and bar counters in accordance to set company standard.

12) Must maintain a good working relation with co-workers, superior and a good public relation image with the guests or customers all the time.

13) Checks stock level of bar supplies and prepare necessary requisitions for approval of superior and to obtain same from provision store when necessary.

14) Report shortage, losses, spoilage and breakages to superior

15) The bar stocks are properly stored, locked and secured after every operation.

16) Prepare sales report in accordance to the company set standard.

17) To maintain the cleanliness &  orderliness of all equipment used during the operations and of the whole working area all the time.

18) Assist co-workers, superiors in service if so required 

19) Attend regularly to outlet/department meeting or briefings.

20) Performs other bar related duties that may be assigned.



Bartender Training Guide

1) Speed rack bottle arrangement, bar set up and bar preparation.
2) Cocktails, Every Bartender Should Know
3) Bar tools, bar machines, equipments. 
4) Glasswares and cocktail glasses. 
5) Cleanliness, proper hygiene and usph standard
6) Bartender duties and responsibilities. 
 7) Bartender training manual. 
8) All cocktails, mocktails and mixed drinks 
9) Self study on bartendercocktails website. 
10) Study and learn basic bar service procedures.
Remember, "when behind the bar with other bartender always give ways and don't block the area. Any bottle or equipment used must be return exactly where it is and cleaned. Keep your area cleaned and presentable always.
If you are already working in the bar as a bar server, barmaid or barback then you can be a professional bartender from the eyes of your superior just follows all informations of this article. Those who are not working in the bar and no experience at all, you must study and memorize perfectly all basic knowledge of how to become a bartender and bar server. to be a professional bartender is not 100% guarantee until you get the bartender position with sufficient training Trainingand experience inside the bar. Try to apply bar helper/barback/bar server to familiarize bar operations, bar tools, glasses, spirits, bar set up, popular cocktails, bartender move, etc and later if you are ready for the challenge then apply as a bartender.
On your first day behind the bar what to do? everybody are looking at you and waiting for your action.
Step No. 1
1) Check/review bar menu against bar stock in the fridges, bar shelves and bar cabinet or bar store. make sure you have a sufficient stocks ready to support bar operations for the day. Note: Refill all fridges and bar shelves if needed.
2) Check your mise-en-place, bar tools and miscellaneous ready
3) Setting Up Your Bar - such as bar tools, cubes ice, crushed ice, juices, garnishes and pouring brand on speed rack.
Speed Rack (Well) Top Shelve - Arrange all bottles from right to left, there is no rules about bottle arrangement but most professional bartenders are using this system of bottle arrangement.
  • 1) Vodka
  • 2) Gin  
  • 3) Rum
  • 4) Tequila
  • 5) Triple Sec
  • 6) Scotch Whiskey
  • 7) Bourbon Whiskey
  • 8) Brandy or Cognac
  • 9) Vermouth Sweet and Dry
  • 10) Grenadine Syrup
  • 11) Rose’s Lime Juice´
  • 12) Lemon Juice
  • 13) Simple Syrup (2 sugar> 1 water)
4) Check/review bar menu and collect all cocktails or most popular cocktails not on your list prepared and search them one by one and study.
5) Check all lights, ambiances, curtains, bar display, drink of the day, set-up bar counter, tables if needed
Step No. 2
1) Check all glasswares or cocktail glasses measurement like margarita, martini, poco grande, hurricane, highball, old fashioned, collins, wines, champagne, etc. to make sure that all cocktails prepared are exact quantity on the glass, "how to do?" use bar jigger with top water and pour into a glass of martini or margarita then you can see how many jiggers of mixed drink to be process for every cocktail. you must calculate how much quantity of crushed ice to be use in one pina colada or other frozen drinks. more or less 1 scoop 1/2 or less in 13oz / 375ml pina colada glass.
2) Be ready on drink orders by the servers, create a systems and rules "NO Order slip, NO Drink" and "First Order, First Drink Out basis is being followed." 
3) Collect all bar slip order and log in bartender log book if needed, to show up to your superior that you know what is your doing, try to impress your superior on bar system, may be some bar are not using this, but this is the basis and prove that you are really a bartender.
4) Conduct bar physical inventory and make a bar requisition. double check all fridges, organize and refill if needed.
5) General cleaning of the bar after every bar operation.
6) Write all bar activities, problem encounter, need to repair, etc in the logbook daily. this is another prove that you are real bartender even you are only pretending.
7) Before you leave the place, make sure double check all machine, lights, fridges temperature and the whole areas of your bar spotlessly clean.
8) In your first day you encountered some discrepancy of your knowledge against with the bar system, like cocktails in bar menu, quantity of drink and measurements, etc. "what to do" write all discrepancy search one by one and memorize, "because you are new bartender, the bar manager will not expect 100% on your performance, he will allow you to perform your job within 3 days to one week time or more., so, you have a sufficient time to prove that you are a professional bartender.
9) Do your job rotation daily until become a professional bartender.


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