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Bartender Duty Guide


Bartender Duties


Basic Function

Responsible for dispensing, mixing and preparing drinks promptly and accurately in accordance to the set standard and to provide courteous and efficient service of beverages to all guest/customers in any bar outlet that may be assigned.



Duties and Responsibilities

1) To prepare working area and all mise-en-place such as ice, glasses, and other equipment needed for smooth and efficient operations in advance before every operation time.

2) Displays appropriate bottles and glasses done in an artistic and accessible way in display counters to be a merchandizing tool in selling.

3) Must have a complete knowledge of all the beverages especially those listed in the drink/ wine list of its contents and preparations.

4) Must be familiar with the company's service standards and the proper equipment's to be used including garnitures of drinks all the time.

5) Must have complete knowledge on how to operate the cash registered.

6) Must be familiar on how to use the glass washing machine, the right temperature and the proper chemical to use.

7) Greets, receives guest/customers in the bar counters and in the outlet if so required.

8) Takes order, makes recommendation or suggestion and answer questions regarding food and beverages and the activities of the ship/hotel

9) Must make sure that what is ordered is what is served.

10) Serves guest/customers with proper sequence and timing anticipate guest needs and satisfy them all the time.

11) Set and re-set tables and bar counters in accordance to set company standard.

12) Must maintain a good working relation with co-workers, superior and a good public relation image with the guests or customers all the time.

13) Checks stock level of bar supplies and prepare necessary requisitions for approval of superior and to obtain same from provision store when necessary.

14) Report shortage, losses, spoilage and breakages to superior

15) The bar stocks are properly stored, locked and secured after every operation.

16) Prepare sales report in accordance to the company set standard.

17) To maintain the cleanliness &  orderliness of all equipment used during the operations and of the whole working area all the time.

18) Assist co-workers, superiors in service if so required 

19) Attend regularly to outlet/department meeting or briefings.

20) Performs other bar related duties that may be assigned.


Opening Bar Outlet


Opening Bar Outlet

1) Get the bar keys from the bar office

2) Check bar bulletin board and information's

3) Open the bar outlets

4) Check fridges bar stocks and refill

5) Prepare mise-en-place such as: Ice Cubes, Crushed Ice, Bar tools, Glasses, Garnished and Spirits

6) Set up tables, chairs, ashtrays and bar menus

7) Open the bar lights inside and outside the bar

8) Set up bar display and cocktail of the day

9) Check bar outlets curtain and promotion

10) Check bar utilities, waitresses reporting time

11) Informed all not available items to servers

12) Open and ready the NCR machine or Micro

13) Received order from waitresses serve is being followed


Closing Bar Outlet


Closing Bar Outlet

1) Compile all bar check and make bar report

2) Segregate all charges for management, staff customers and concessionaire.

3) Reading the NCR machine or Micro

4) Ready the bar report to be check by the supervisor, head bartender or bar manager.

5) Conduct daily bar inventory reports

6) Check and make requisition for tomorrow

7) Refill all fridges inside and outside the bar.

8) General cleaning of bar outlets including fridges, coffee machine, ice machine, glass washing machine, floors, equipment's, glasses, tables and chairs.

9) Close the bar and check all machines

10) Submit bar checks and reports to accounting

11) Surrender bar keys to bar office and report to bar manager any problem encountered.



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Bartender Duty Guide, dispensing, mixing, preparing drink

Bartender Duty Guide, dispensing, mixing, preparing drink

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Bartender Duty Guide, dispensing, mixing, preparing drink
Bartender Duty Guide, dispensing, mixing, preparing drink

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