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Bar and Beverage Service Procedures


Bar outlets preparation

1) Check and refill bar fridge with adequate stocks

2) Check the fridge temperature must be 40 degrees F.

3) Clean and arrange bar glasses and bar tools


4) Clean and arrange spirits, liqueurs and mixers.

5) Prepare ice cubes, crushed ice and garnishes.

6) Check and ready all machines, coffee, blender, shaker, ice, glass, draft beer machine and other equipment's.

7) Open all lights curtains, set-up ashtray, bar menus etc.


a) Service Philosophy

The bar and beverage outlets shall be known for its prompt courteous and professional service to any guest at all times. Use the best and correct liquors, the freshest garnishing's, and the glassware shall always be clean and appropriate. Do your best to be caring and responsive to ensure that guests experience total personalized beverage service.


b) Taking Orders

When you take the guests order, you are actually initiating the beverage service. How you present yourself and the way the order is taken can make the difference in sales and their impression on your bar. The procedures listed on these apps may be used as a guide whenever you take a guests order to ensure prompt and professional service.


c) Drinks Preparation

Once the orders have been received, the drinks are then prepared at the bar, serving clean. Visually appealing and appetizing drinks.



1) Use appropriate glassware somehow; a guest may feel it is the wrong drink if the drink is served in a different glass.

2) Check the cleanliness of the glassware. Residual detergent and grease leaves beer and other drinks tasting flat.

3) Wipe with a clean napkin any spillage on the side of the glass.



1) Always use the correct liquor and mixes when preparing drinks

2) If you need to substitute a brand of liquor, ask the guest first.

3) Avoid unnecessary spillages by pouring carefully in the mouth of glass.

4) Replace cap of liquor bottle immediately after use.



1) Always use the best, freshest and correct garnishing's when preparing dinks.

2) Discard those that are damaged deformed, or those with spots or holes.

3) After preparing them, place in a garnish container on top of crushed ice to maintain their firmness.

4) Use appropriate garnishing's and is consistent with them. If a drinks appearance changes, have changed the ingredients


d) Serving the drinks

Serving the drink to the guest may be classified into two. Serving a drink prepared at the bar and pouring drinks in front of the guests. The following show basic method and skills in caring out these tasks.



Serving Bar-Prepared Drinks

1) When caring drinks or glasses to and from table, always use a bar tray.

2) Serve all drinks from the right or in front of the table, which is more convenient for the guest and the server.

3) Never serve across the table.

4) The bar tray should rest on one hand while drinks are served with the other, it should never rest on the table.

5) Whenever possible, serve in a clockwise direction around the table, walking forward.

6) Serve ladies first.

7) Always serve with a coaster or napkin, except when serving wine by the bottle. The bar logo should always face the guest.

8) Place the drinks on top of the coaster with the garnish to the left of the guest.

9) Handle glasses by the base or stem, not the rim.

10) Always serve carbonated beverages with drinking straws


Pouring Drinks in Front of the Guest

1) Pour drinks like beer and wine in front of the guest

2) When pouring drinks from the bottle, turn the bottle slightly towards the right to avoid spills on the table cloth or the guest.

3) When pouring liquor, never allow the lip of the bottle to touch the glass.

4) When the service calls for ingredients to be mixed in front of the guest, pour the measured liquor in the proper glass, then add the proper amount of mixers requested by the guest.

5) When" on the rocks" drinks are prepared in front of the guest pour the liquor over the ice in the glass.



The Harmony of Wine to Different Kinds of Foods


The Harmony of Wine

Hors D'oeuvre -------- Light and dry white wine

Soup --------------------- No wine with  soup:  however, certain consomme and turtle soup are accompanied by glass of dry sherry.

Fish and Seafood ---- Dry white wine

Pork and Veal --------- Dry white wine, light red wine,dry rose,

Chicken and Other -- Dry white wine, rose wine or a light red

Fowls -------------------- wine.  The choice defends mainly on the preparation of the food.

Red Meat --------------- A full bodied red burgundy.

Game -------------------- A light red wine for light-flavored game, A full bodied red burgundy for heavy flavored game.

Cheese ----------------- Usually red wine: however,  the English cheese stilton is served with a glass of port.

Dessert ----------------- Sweet white wine or dessert wines  or Champagne.

Coffee ------------------ Cognac or brandies, or Liqueur or Eau de Vie. Note: Champagne can be drunk throughout the entire dinner.


Dealing with Guest Complaints


Procedures / Your Respònse

1) Maintain Eye Contact - Look at the guests eyes in an apologetic yet concerned manner.

2) Listen - Listen with your ears and heart, and listen with your eyes as well.

3) Empathize - I am terribly sorry, Mr. castro.....

4) Gather Facts - May I please check back with you again Sir? You would not like flowers on your table?

5) Explore Solutions and Take Action - "May I then remove the flowers now, Mr Castro?

6) Offer Assurance - " I am really sorry, Sir, and I will make sure this will not happen again"

7) It is equally important to thank the guest for bringing the problem to your attention. Assure the guest that it will be noted and that it will report to management.



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Bar Service procedures guide

Bar Service procedures guide

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Bar Service procedures guide
Bar Service procedures guide

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