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Speed Rack (Well) Sample of Bar Set Up


Speed Rack (Well) Sample of Bar Set Up

 When preparing your bar for operations you have to arrange all items in order, to avoid delay in preparing drinks. There is no standard rules written on how to arrange all bottles, but in my experience  and most bartender are using the system to be able to make drinks past and easy.  If you are two or more bartender in the bar area, make sure that you explain the bottle arrangement.



Speed Rack (Well)

The speed rack (well) is located always in front of the ice. This is either one or two shelves. When using a double rack (well) your top shelves is always the area where you place your house pouring brands from right to left (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, scotch whiskey, bourbon whiskey, brandy or cognac and vermouth sweet and dry; and the lower shelve is the area where you place your other pouring brands that you need in the operations and sellable.


Bar Set Up

Speed Rack (Well) Top Shelve - Arrange the bottles from right to left

1) Vodka

2) Gin   

3) Rum

4) Tequila

5) Triple Sec

6) Scotch Whiskey

7) Bourbon Whiskey

8) Brandy or Cognac

9) Vermouth Sweet and Dry

10) Angostura Bitters

11) Grenadine Syrup

12) Rose’s Lime Juice´

13) Lemon Juice

14) Simple Syrup (2 sugar> 1 water)


Speed Rack (Well) Lower Shelve - Arrange the bottles from right to left.

1) Armagnac

2) Canadian Whiskey

3) Citrus Flavored Vodka

4) Russian Vodka

5) Single Malt Scotch

6) Spanish Brandy

7) Whiskey – Blended and Irish

8) Blue Curacao

9) Kahlua

10) Baileys

11) Tia Maria

12) Peach Schnapps

13) Crème de Menthe Green

Bar Rail - Other Spirits


Bar Rail

Is located on the bar top in front of your mixing station and you can also display all kind of premium spirits.


Basic Liqueur

Amaretto - Almond-flavored liqueur/Italy

Baileys - Whiskey/mint-flavored/Ireland

Blue Curacao - Orange-flavored

Creme de Cacao - Chocolate/vanilla/France

Creme de Menthe - Mint-flavored/France

Grand Marnier - Orange/Brandy/France

Kahlua - Coffee-flavored from Mexico

Tia Maria - Coffee-flavored/Jamaica

Triple Sec - Orange-flavored


Other Liqueurs

Abricotine - Apricot/brandy-flavored/France

Advocaat - Egg.Sugar.Brandy/Holland

Anisette - Anise/France,Italy,Spain

Apricot Brandy - Apricot-flavored

B&B -Mix of Benedictine/brandy,France


Benedictine - Herb-flavored liqueur/France

Blackberry Brandy - Blackberry-flavored

Chambord - Raspberry-flavored/France

Chartreuse - Herb-flavored from France

Cherry Brandy - Cherry-flavored/Denmark

Cointreau - Orange-flavored liqueur/France

Creme de Banana - Banana-flavored

Creme de Cassis - Black currants/France

Creme de Noyaux -Almond-flavored/France

Creme de Vanille -Vanilla/France, Holland

Drambuie - Scotch,herbal,honey/Scotland

Florenza - Hazelnuts-flavored from Italy

Frangelico - Hazelnut-flavored liqueur, Italy

Galliano - Herb- yellow liqueur/Italy

Goldwasser - Herbal-flavored/Germany

Irish Mist - Whiskey-liqueur/Ireland

Keuck - Coffee-flavored liqueur/Turkish

Kirsch - Cherry-flavored from Alsace

Kummel - Caraway-flavored/Germany

Malibu - Coconut/rum-flavored/USA

Maraschino Liqueur - Maraschino/ Italy

Midori - Honeydew melon/Japan

Monin - Lime-flavored liqueur/France

Ouzo - Anise-flavored liqueur/Greece

Pasha - Coffee-flavored liqueur/Turkish

Peach Brandy - Peach-flavored liqueur

Peppermint Schnapps -Peppermint/Germany

Peter Heering - Cherry-liqueur/Denmark

Prunelle - Plum-flavored liqueur/France

Rumple Minthz - Peppermint/Germany

Sabra - Orange and chocolate/Israel

Sambuca - Liquorice/neutral spirits, Italy

Sloe Gin - Sloeberries-flavored

Southern Comport - Peaches-flavored/USA

Vandermint - Chocolate &  mint/Netherland

Yukon Jack - Strong,amber-colored/Canada

Bar Fridge and Beer Coolers


Bar fridges and beer coolers

Are located behind the bar. Bar fridges are used for alcoholic, Non-alcoholic beverages and other things, such as juices, milk, cream, garnishes, white wine, blush wines, rose wine, beer, champagne, sherry wine and other items to be kept cold.


Beer coolers

Are for special beer and domestic beers. Beer coolers are used for storage and keeping the beer cold. Make sure that all imported beers are separate from domestic beers. You can use also for cocktail glass and beer mug glass cooling.


Beer Collers



Pale Pilsen




Bar Fridge

Wine and fortified wines

Blush Wine


Port Wine

Red Wine - young wine

Rose Wine

Sherry Wine

Vermouth - Medium, Sweet & Dry

White Wine




Diet Soda

Ginger Ale

Soda Water


Toni Water



Apple Juice

Cranberry Juice

Fresh Lemon Juice

Fresh Lime Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Mango Juice

Orange Juice

Pineapple Juice

Peach Juice

Tomato Juice


Other Mixers

Beef Bouillon

Coconut Cream

Sweet and Sour Mix

Margarita Mix

Strawberry Mix

Maitai Mix

Condiments and Garnishes List


A condiment

Is an edible substance that are added to cocktails to enhance its flavor.



Angostura aromatic Bitters

Cinnamon Sticks


Grated Nutmeg

Pomegranate(Grenadine) Syrup

Ground Black Pepper

Ground Cinnamon

Heavy Cream

Iodized Salt

Light Cream

Orange Bitters

Orgeat Syrup

Peychaud Bitters

Rose's Lime Juice

Superfine Sugar


Whole Cloves

Lea & Perins Worcestershire Sauce




Celery Stick

Cocktail Olives

Cocktail Onions


Fresh Mint

Lemon Wedge

Lemon Slice

Lemon Twist

Lime Wedge

Lime Slice

Lime Twist

Maraschino Cherries

Orange Slice

Pineapple Slice




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Bar preparation guide

Bar preparation guide

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Bar preparation guide
Bar preparation guide

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