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  Bar Equipment

BAR EQUIPMENT                         


Bar Tools                     



Bar Stirer                            



Can Opener                       


Champagne Stopper                               

Cutting Board                                


Electric Shaker                              

Garnished Container                              

Glass Pitcher                                  

Ice Box ( Plastic Igloo)                             

Ice Bucket                           

Ice Shovel                           

Ice Tong                              


Measuring Cup                             

Measuring Spoon                        

Mixing Glass                                  


Paring Knife                       

Speed Pourer                                

Standard Shaker (3 pcs shaker)                                  

Strainer                                Prodotti top


Wine Basket                                  

Wine Bucket                                  



Bar Glasses                      

All Purpose Wine Glass                          

Beer Mug                            

Brandy Glass                                 

Champagne Flute                         

Champagne Saucer                                 

Collins Glass                       

Highball Glass                                

Irish Coffee Glass                         

Liqueur Glass                                 

Margarita Glass                            

Martini Glass                                 

Old Fashioned Glass                                


Poco Grande Glass                                  

Port Wine Glass                            

Sherry Glass                                  

Shooter Glass                                

Sour Glass                           



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Bar Equipment, bar wares, glass wares, flat wares, china wares

Bar Equipment, bar wares, glass wares, flat wares, china wares

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Bar Equipment, bar wares, glass wares, flat wares, china wares
Bar Equipment, bar wares, glass wares, flat wares, china wares

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