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After Dinner Cocktails    

After Dinner Drinks or Digestive

Means is an alcoholic beverage usually served after meal to help digestion especially when had a big dinner and feeling very full. They are typically sweet drinks or heavier alcohol content such as: Cognac, Brandy, fruit brandies, schnapps, grappa, port, madeira, cream sherry, Drambuie, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Chartreuse, Irish Mist, Lemon cello, Tequila, Ouzo, Whiskey and all Liqueurs base cocktails. Some cocktails are recommended.



After Dinner Drink Recipes


Black russian
Brandy alexander
Choco kiss martini
Coffee romano
Dream cocktail
French coffee
French latin connection
God father
God mother
Golden dream
Irish coffee
Italian coffee
Jamaican coffee
Keoke coffee
Mexican coffee
Nutty irishman version 1
Rusty nail
Spanish coffee
Toasted almond
White russian

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After Dinner Cocktails

After Dinner Cocktails

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After Dinner Cocktails
After Dinner Cocktails

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